Rivers: LC Subject Headings: China, India, and Those Passing Also Through Nepal and Russia
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Amur River (China and Russia)

Arun River (China and Nepal)

Brahmaputra River

Ch°ien-t°ang River (China)

Chin-sha River (China)

Chiu-lung River (China)

Chu River (China)

Fen River (China)

Feng River (China)

Hai River (China)

Han River (Kwangtung Province, China)

Han River (Shensi Province and Hupeh Province, China)

Ho-t°ien River (China)

Hsiang River (China)

Hsiao River (China)

Hsiao-ch°ing River (China)

Hsien-shui River (China)

Hsiu-shui River (China)

Huai River (China)

Hung-shui River (China)

Huto River (China)

Ili River (China and Kazakhstan)

Indus River

Lhasa River (China)

Li River (Kuei-lin shih and Kuei-lin ti ch°èu, China)

Liao River (China)

Luan River (China)

Min River (Fukien Province, China)

Red River (China and Vietnam)

Salween River

Shen Nung River (China)

Shu-le River (China)

So River (China)

Sungari River (China)

Sutlej River

Ta-ning River (China)

Tarim River (China)

Tso River (China)

Tumen River

Tung River (China)

Ulan Muren (China)

èUrèumqi River (China)

Ussuri River (Russia and China)

Wei River (Kansu Province and Shensi Province, China)

Wu River (China)

Yalu River (China and Korea)

Yangtze River (China)

Yellow River (China)

Yung River (Chekiang Province, China)

åAdigaçngåa River (India)

Alaknanda River (India)

Baghmati River (Nepal and India)

Baitarani River (India)

Barak River (India)

Bearma River (India)

Beåas River (India)

Belan River (India)

Betwa River (India)

Bhagirathi River (India)

Bhilangnåa River (India)

Brahmani River (Orissa, India)

Brahmaputra River

Cauvery River (India)

Chambal River (India)

Chambral River (India)

Chikka Hagari River (India)

Damodar River (India)

Gambhir River (India)

Ganges River (India and Bangladesh)

Godåavari River (India)

Hiran River (India)

Hugli River (India)

Hunsgi River (India)

Indus River

Ken River (India)

Kosi River (Nepal and India)

Krishna River (India)

Kundah River (India)

Kunthipuzha River (India)

Mahanadi River (India)

Manjra River (India)

Manoli River (India)

Narmada River (India)

Nauranala (India)

Pagladiya River (India)

Ponnani River (India)

Pråanhita River (India)

Pravara River (India)

Ravi River (India and Pakistan)

Rushikulya River (India)

Såabarmatåi River (India)

Savitri River (India)

Son River (India)

Sonar River (India)

Subarnarekhåa River (India)

Sutlej River

Tawi River (India)

Terekhol River (India)

Tista River (India and Bangladesh)

Tungabhadra River (India)

Uhl River (India)

Våashisti River (India)

Yamuna River (India)

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