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Teaching Interests

IE 406/506

Computer Integrated Manufacutring (Fall 2013)

This course is concerned with the basic and important principles in computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM). Based on an understanding of modern production and manufacturing systems, the course will further introduce the use of computers for the integration of all functional areas in a manufacturing enterprise. Topics include: computer-aided design (CAD), geometric models and data structures, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), rapid prototyping, automation, group technology (GT), and computer-aided process planning (CAPP).

IE 680

Advanced Topics in 3D Printing (Spring 2014)

This is an advanced graduate level course which will cover in-depth concept of additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology. This course aims to help graduate student in understanding the latest development and critical challenges of 3D printing and provide students with related techniques and practical experience in developing novel 3D printing process and applications. The topics include rapid prototyping and tooling techniques, rapid manufacturing and its impact on society, process improvement techniques, materials issues, post processing for additive manufacturing, geometry creation and handling etc. No formal prerequisite, students are desired to take IE406/506, background in mechanics, electronics and computer science especially programing will be very helpful for taking this course.

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