Research Profile

My research examines the tonal and accentual properties of words in a variety of languages, including many endangered languages of Mexico (Triqui, Mixtec, Ixcatec). I am particularly interested in the relationship between speech production and aspects of phonological structure. I investigate these topics via original fieldwork, corpus data analysis, experimental phonetics, and articulatory methods.


  • Phonetic data analysis
  • Voice quality and tone
  • Phonological analysis
  • Linguistic fieldwork
  • Statistical methods in R
  • Corpus phonetics
  • Praat scripting
  • Indigenous languages of Mexico
  • Southeast Asian languages

PhD Students

  • Miao Zhang
    Prosodic conditions on the production of vowel sequences
  • ---
  • Richard Hatcher
    The phonetics and phonology of Cayuga prosody
  • ---
  • Joshua Benn
    The phonetics, phonology, and historical development of Guienagati Zapotec


  • (2016) The 5th Symposium of the Tonal Aspects of Languages (TAL).
    Proceedings available here