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Research in Political Economy
Volume 9

Editor: Paul Zarembka, State University of New York at Buffalo,

What are Class Analyses?
   by Richard Wolff and Stephen Resnick

Class, Race, and Income Distribution: Analyzing 'White South Africa'
   by Fred Curtis

History, Epistemology and Marx's Theory of Value
   by Antonio Callari

Toward the Political Economy of Wage Determination: A Case Study of Sudanese Agricultural Labor Markets
   by Abbas Abdelkarim

The Micro-Macro Dialectic: A Concept of a Marxian Microfoundation
   by Jonathan P. Goldstein

Marx, Yugoslavia, and Self-Governing Socialism: A Social and Political Economy Approach
   by John E. Elliott and Joanna V. Scott

Postrevolutionary China and the Soviet NEP
   by Henry Park

Planning and Class in Transitional Societies
   by David F. Ruccio

252 Pages, 1986

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