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Research in Political Economy
Volume 6

Editor: Paul Zarembka, State University of New York at Buffalo,

   by Paul Zarembka

Party Realignment and American Industrial Structure: The Investment Theory of Political Parties in Historical Perspective
   by Thomas Ferguson

The American Establishment: Its Historical Development and Major Economic Components
   by Philip H. Burch, Jr.

Economics and Politics of the Transnational Phase of Capitalism: Introductory Concepts
   by Raul Trajtenberg and Raul Vigorito

The French State and the Developing World Oil Market: Domestic, International, and Environmental Constraints, 1864-1928
   by Gregory P. Nowell

Socialist Possibilities and Capitalist Realities: All's Quiet on the French Leftist Front
   by Mark Kesselman

303 Pages, 1983

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