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Research in Political Economy
Volume 5

Editor: Paul Zarembka, State University of New York at Buffalo,

   by Paul Zarembka

Mercantilism, Slavery and the Industrial Revolution
   by William A. Darity, Jr.

Basic and Surplus Control in Capitalist Machinery: The Case of Mechanization in the Auto Industry
   by David Gartman

The Transnationalization of Agriculture in Latin America
   by Raul Vigorito

Accumulation and Gender Relations in the Flower Industry in Colombia
   by Sonia M. Cuales

Dependent Capitalist Development in Iran and the Mass Uprising of 1979
   by Manizheh Zavareii

Marx's Crisis Theory as a Theory of Class Struggle
   by Peter F. Bell and Harry Cleaver

Lenin on the Economics of Socialist Transformation and Polish Solidarity
   by Paul Zarembka

What do Soviet Manager's Do?
   by Barbara Dietz

298 Pages, 1982

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