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Research in Political Economy
Volume 4

Editor: Paul Zarembka, State University of New York at Buffalo,

   by Paul Zarembka

Women in the Transition to Capitalism: Nineteenth to Mid-Twentieth Century Vietnam
   by Nance Wiegersma

Capital Accumulation and the Consolidation of a Bourgeois Dependent State in Sudan, 1898-1978
   by Elfatih ShaaelDin Khalafalla

Class Struggle, the Classical Economists, and the Factory Acts: Towards a 'Reformulation'
   by Joseph Ricciardi

The Business Roundtable: Its Make-up and External Ties
   by Philip H. Burch, Jr.

Capital, State and Fetishization
   by Juan Pablo Perez Sainz

Some Theoretical Considerations on the Peruvian State, 1968-1978
   by David Slater

A Political Class Theory of the Satellite State: Jamaica, 1830-1930
   by Marietta Morrissey

Religion and Industrial Relations: John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and the Interchurch World Movement of 1919-1920
   by Charles E. Harvey

227 Pages, 1981

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