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Volume 36

Research in Political Economy, Volume 36


Editor: Rémy Herrera, National Center of Scientific Research (CRNS), France

This collection of essays is designed to shed light on the issues of imperialism and the transitions to socialism. Written by eighteen contributors, from twelve countries and three continents, it is organized into two main parts. The first section delves into the theoretical aspects, the analysis of which is key for understanding the subject under consideration. The second part of the volume is focused on the examination of practical experiences of socialist transition, more or less advanced and with varying degrees of success, in China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Brazil.

Imperialism and Transitions to Socialism argues that countries wanting to embark on a socialist transition is not only a response to a spirit of justice, but also an answer to the call of reason: it is a question of survival for humanity, and for life. Socialism is not just a word, it is a struggle. It is not an end, but a transition process, long and difficult, that can take many paths towards the liberation of labour from the domination of capital. It is socialism, a society of solidarity, which walks with history.

Rémy Herrera


Abstract Labor and Imperialism
Fabien Trémeau

Imperialism and Working-Class Agency
John Smith

The Imperialist Multinational: Concentration, Fiction or Rent?
Andy Higginbottom

Unequal Exchange and Global Value Chains
Andrea Ricci

The Transition Towards a Post-capitalist Economic Rationality
Wim Dierckxsens, Andrés Piqueras and Walter Formento

Study on the Evolution of China’s Economic Structure (from 1952 to 2014) – Analysis of the Role of Profit Rate by Impulse Response Functions
Zhiming Long and Rémy Herrera


Land Revolution and Local Governance: Socialist Transformation in China
Sit Tsui, Erebus Wong, Lau Kin Chi and Wen Tiejun

Imperialism and Transition to Socialism in Vietnam
Tran Dac Loi

A Testimony on the “Juche” Thought in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Kinhide Mushakoji

Imperialism and the Transition to Socialism in Cuba
Al Campbell

The Venezuelan Oil and the U.S. Imperialism (1920-2020)
Hemmi Croes

The Citizens’ Revolution in Ecuador and U.S. Imperialism
Constantin Lopez

Brazil: Impeachment and the Conflicting Relationship between the Dilma Rousseff Government and the National Congress
Leonardo Loureiro Nunes

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