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Research in Political Economy
Volume 14

Editor: Paul Zarembka, State University of New York at Buffalo,

Agency Issues and Managerial Incentives: Contemporary Capitalism versus Market Socialism
   by James A. Yunker

Bulwark of Landlordism and Capitalism: The Dynamics of Feudalism in Nineteenth Century Ireland 
   by Eamoon Slater and Terrence McDonough

The Causes of the 1929-33 Great Collapse: A Marxian Interpretation
   by James N. Devine

Finance Capital versus Managerial Control in a Colonial Sphere: United States Agribusiness Corporations in Puerto Rico, 1898-1934
   by Cesar J. Ayala

U.S. Interventions and Economic Development in Small, Poor Countries: The Cases of Taiwan and Nicaragua
   by Joseph E. Medley

Military Spending and Taiwanese Development: A Statistical and Historical Analysis
   by John Hartman and Wey Hsiao

272 Pages, 1994

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