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Research in Political Economy
Volume 1

Editor: Paul Zarembka, State University of New York at Buffalo,

Editor's Foreword
   by Paul Zarembka

The Capitalist Mode of Production: Economic Structure
   by Paul Zarembka

There is Nothing Simple About a Commodity
   by Jesse Schwartz

The Political Economy of U.S. Steel Prices in the Postwar Period
   by Edward Greer

Unproductive Labor and the Rate of Surplus Value in the United States, 1947-1967
   by Edward N. Wolff

Monopoly Accumulation, Hegemonic Crisis and Francoist Dictatorship
   by Juan Pablo Perez Sainz

The Changing Class Structure of South Africa: The African Petit-Bourgeoisie
   by Harold Wolpe

Transnationals and Cheap Labor in the Periphery
   by Raul Trajtenberg

Proletariat Dictatorship and the Development of Productive Forces in China
   by Ng Gek-Boo

231 Pages, 1977

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