Yincheng Jin

I am a final-year (2018 - present) Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB), under the direction of Prof. Zhanpeng Jin at the Cyber-Med Laboratory.

Email: yincheng@buffalo.edu

Research Interests

1) Applied Machine Learning; 2) Mobile Computing / IoT; 3) Life Science and Smart Health;

1) Speech Assistant / Enhancement

2) Facial Expressions

3) Human Computer Interaction

4) Brain Wave For Disease

5) Smart Health

6) Gestures

Selected Publications

The equal contribution is delineated with asterisk *.

SonicASL: An Acoustic-based Sign Language Gesture Recognizer Using Earphones

Yincheng Jin*, Yang Gao*, Yanjun Zhu, Wei Wang, Jiyang Li, Seokmin Choi, Zhangyu Li, Jagmohan Chauhan, Anind K Dey and Zhanpeng Jin.
IMWUT (Ubicomp) 2021 [link]

TransASL: A Smart Glass based Comprehensive ASL Recognizer in Daily Life

Yincheng Jin , Seokmin Choi, Yang Gao, Jiyang Li, Zhengxiong Li and Zhanpeng Jin.
IUI 2023 (Conditional Accept)

EarCommand: “Hearing” Your Silent Speech Commands In Ear

Yincheng Jin , Yang Gao, Xuhai Xu, Seokmin Choi, Jiyang Li, Feng Liu, Zhengxiong Li and Zhanpeng Jin.
IMWUT (Ubicomp) 2022 [link]

SonicFace: Tracking Facial Expressions Using a Commodity Microphone Array

Yang Gao*, Yincheng Jin*, Seokmin Choi, Jiyang Li, JunJie Pan, Lin Shu, Chi Zhou and Zhanpeng Jin.
IMWUT (Ubicomp) 2022 [link]

EarHealth: An Earphone-based Acoustic Otoscope for Detection of Multiple Ear Diseases in Daily Life

Yincheng Jin , Yang Gao, Xiaotao Guo, Wen Jun, Zhengxiong Li and Zhanpeng Jin.
MobiSys 2022 [link]


[2023.01] Two papers were accepted by IUI'23.

[2022.09] I am happy to join Samsung Research America, Digital Health Department as an Intern.

[2022.09] My great honor to take part in the IMWUT'22 in Atland.

[2022.06] My great honor to take part in the MobiSys'22 in Portland.

Research Activities

Paper Review: ACM CHI 2022 ∼ 2023, IEEE/ACM CHASE 2022, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC) 2022.

Committee Program: TPC of IMWUT’ 22 Workshop CPD, Sensys’22 Artifact Evaluation.

Selected Honors

Student Travel Grant, Mobisys'22 , 2022

The project SonicASL won the First-Place Award of the inaugural Russell Agrusa CSE Student Innovation at CSE department, University at Buffalo, 2021