Toward a Cognitive Semantics

Cambridge, MA: MIT Press 2000

by Leonard Talmy

Errata Sheet for Toward a Cognitive Semantics

Volume I
    Toward a Cognitive Semantics: Concept Structuring Systems

Part 1: Foundations of Conceptual Structuring in Language
Ch. 1 The Relation of Grammar to Cognition

Part 2: Configurational Structure
Ch. 2 Fictive Motion in Language and "Ception"
Ch. 3 How Language Structures Space

Part 3: Attention
Ch. 4 The Windowing of Attention in Language
Ch. 5 Figure and Ground in Language
Ch. 6 Structures that Relate Events

Part 4: Force and Causation
Ch. 7 Force Dynamics in Language and Cognition
Ch. 8 The Semantics of Causation


Volume II
    Toward a Cognitive Semantics: Typology and Process in Concept Structuring

Part 1: Typological Patterns in the Representation of Event Structure
Ch. 1 Lexicalization Patterns
Ch. 2 Surveying Lexicalization Patterns
Ch. 3 A Typology of Event Integration
Ch. 4 Borrowing Semantic Space: Diachronic Hybridization

Part 2: Semantic Interaction
Ch. 5 Semantic Conflict and Resolution
Ch. 6 Communicative Goals and Means: Their Cognitive Interaction

Part 3: Other Cognitive Systems
Ch. 7 The Cognitive Culture System
Ch. 8 A Cognitive Framework for Narrative Structure


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