Sergey A Dyachenko
Department of Mathematics
University at Buffalo.

Curriculum Vitae: Sergey Dyachenko on ResearchGate Sergey Dyachenko on Google Scholar PDF (Sept 2023)
Research Interests: My interest lies in fluid dynamics, specifically in the singularity formation in flows with
free surface. Dynamics of the ocean surface in the high steepness regime often demonstrates
breaking waves, and whitecapping at the crests of the steep waves. These spectacular events
are associated with singularity formation, and its evolution in the Euler (or Navier-Stokes)
equations with the free boundary.

In small steepness regime the envelope of a train of periodic travelling waves on the ocean surface
is described by the nonlinear Schroedinger equation (NLSE), which is a spectacularly rich and interesting
equation. The NLSE and other integrable systems are in the list of my most favoured models to work with.

My toolbox consists of computational mathematics and methods of applied mathematics. I enjoy coding in C,
Python, Matlab and Julia.
Research Interests (short version): Water waves (Link to Stokes wave website)
Nonlinear waves in optical media
Keller-Segel model
Bose-Einstein condensaion
Numerical simulations
Publications: 14. S. A. Dyachenko and Vera Mikyoung Hur,
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13. A. I. Dyachenko, S. A. Dyachenko, P. M. Lushnikov, V. E. Zakharov,
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11. S. A. Dyachenko and Vera Mikyoung Hur,
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1. S.A. Dyachenko, P.M. Lushnikov and N. Vladimirova
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Fall 2023: Partial Differential Equations
Spring 2022: Partial Differential Equations
Fall 2021: Numerical Analysis I
Spring 2020: Partial Differential Equations and Waves
Fall 2019: Vector Calculus and Complex Variables
Spring 2019: Intro to PDE
Fall 2018: Intro to PDE
Spring 2018: Applied Linear Algebra
Fall 2017: Differential Equations
Spring 2016: Intro to PDE
Fall 2015: Intro to Differential Equations Plus
Spring 2015: Linear Algebra (U of A)

Ph.D.: University of New Mexico
Graduation: 18 August 2014
Academic Advisors: Prof. Pavel M. Lushnikov and Prof. Alexander O. Korotkevich
Topic: Strongly nonlinear phenomena and singularities in optical, hydrodynamic and biological systems
Higher education: University of New Mexico,
Albuquerque, USA,
MA: December 2010

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,
Dolgoprudny, Moscow region,
BS: June 2007

Office: Math Bldg 312
Address: Sergey A. Dyachenko
Department of Mathematics,
312 Math Bldg, Buffalo, NY