Sherry R. Chemler, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry
Natural Sciences Complex
SUNY, Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14221
Phone: (716) 645-4225
Fax: (716) 645-6963


1999-2002 Postdoctoral Fellow, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, New York, NY
1994-1999 Ph.D. in Chemistry, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
1992-1994 B.A. Boston University, Boston, MA
1990-1992 Triton College, River Grove, IL

Professional Appointments




Professor of Chemisty, SUNY at Buffalo

Associate Professor of Chemistry, SUNY at Buffalo

Assistant Professor of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

1999-2002 Postdoctoral Fellow with Samuel J. Danishefsky, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research
1994-1999 Graduate Research Assistant with William R. Roush, Department of Chemistry, Indiana University, Bloomington IN (1994-97) and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (1997-99)
1992-1994 Undergraduate Research Assistant with James Panek, Department of Chemistry, Boston University, Boston MA

Teaching Experience

2002-present CHE514, Graduate Asymmetric Catalysis, SUNY, Buffalo

CHE501, Graduate Organic Reactions, SUNY, Buffalo

CHE502, Graduate Organic Synthesis

CHE455, Advanced Organic Synthesis, Undergraduate

CHE251, Honors Organic Chemistry I

CHE252, Honors Organic Chemistry II

CHE201, Organic Chemistry I

CHE301, Advanced Organic Methods/Lab

Honors and Fellowships




Organic Letters Advisory Board

Thieme Journal Prize

Jere Solo Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

2000-2002 Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Institute of Health
2000-2002 Texaco Postdoctoral Fellowship for Women and Minorities
1994 ACS Undergraduate Travel Award, Boston University
1992-1994 Trustee Scholar, Boston University
1990-1992 Scholar's Program, Triton College

Representative Publications

(For a complete, up to date list, see publication bar on the upper left).

T. P. Zabawa, D. Kasi and S. R. Chemler (2005). "Copper(II) Acetate Promoted   Intramolecular Diamination of Unactivated Olefins," J. Am. Chem. Soc. 32, 11250-11251.

M. R. Manzoni, T. P. Zabawa, D. Kasi and S. R. Chemler (2004). "Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Intramolecular Aminobromination and Aminochlorination of Olefins," Organometallics 23, 5618-5621.

E. S. Sherman, S. R. Chemler, T. B. Tan and O. Gerlits (2004). "Copper(II) Acetate Promoted Oxidative Cyclization of Arylsulfonyl-o-anilines," Org. Lett. 6, 1573-1575.

S. R. Chemler and S. J. Danishefsky (2000). "Transannulaar Macrocyclization via Intramolecular B-Alkyl Suzuki Reaction," Org. Lett. 2, 2695-2698.

S. R. Chemler, W. R. Roush (2003) "Stereochemistry of the Allylation and Crotylation Reactions of a-Methyl-b-Hydroxy Aldehydes with Allyl- and Crotyltrifluorosilanes. Synthesis of Anti, Anti-Dipropionate Stereotriads and Stereodivergent Pathways for the Reactions with 2,3-Anti and 2,3-Syn a-Methyl-b-Hydroxy Aldehydes," J. Org. Chem., 68, 1319-1333.

K. A. Scheidt, H. Chen, B. C. Follows, S. R. Chemler, D. S. Coffey and W. R. Roush (1998). "Tris(dimethylamino)sulfonium Difluorotrifmethylsilicate, a Mild Reagent for the Removal of Silicon Protecting Groups," J. Org. Chem. 63, 6436-6437.

S. R. Chemler and W. R. Roush (1998). "Concerning the Synthesis of the Elusive anti,anti-Dipropionate Stereotriad via the Crotylation of a-Methyl-b-Hydroxy Aldehydes with (Z)-Crotyltrifluorosilane. Application to the Synthesis of the C(7)-C(16) Segment of Zincophorin," J. Org. Chem. 63, 3800-3801.



2003 Poster Presentation, National Organic Symposium, Bloomington, IN, Poster Abstract N. A54, Maria R. Manzoni, Thomas P. Zabawa and Sherry R. Chemler "Vicinal Heteroatom Functionalization of Olefins Using Group Ten Transition Metals"
2003 Invited Lecture, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY
2003 Invited Lecture, Canesius College, Buffalo, NY
2003 Invited Lecture, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
2002 Invited Lecture, D. A. Evans' group Seminar, Harvard, Boston, MA
2001 214th National American Chemical Society Meeting, Chicago, IL Abstract No. 187, Sherry R. Chemler, Ulrich Iserloh and Samuel J. Danishefsky "Progress toward the Synthesis of Phomactin A: Diastereoselective Diels-Alder Reactions of Alkoxy Dienes."
1997 35th National Organic Symposium, San Antonio, TX, Poster Abstract No. M87, Sherry R. Chemler and William R. Roush "Synthesis of the Elusive Anti, Anti-Dipropionate Stereotriad; Application Towards the Synthesis of the C(7)-C(16) Segment of Zincophorin."
1994 207th National American Chemical Society Meeting, San Diego, CA, Poster, Abstract No. 220, Sherry R. Chemler and James S. Panek "Asymmetric 1,2-Addition Reactions of Chiral (E)-Crotylsilanes to a,b-Unsaturated Acetals."

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