[ˈstɛfəˌni ˈivɹ̩z]

Stephanie Evers
Ph.D. student, Department of Linguistics
State University of New York at Buffalo
email: saevers at buffalo dot edu


About Me

I am a fourth-year Linguistics Ph.D. student at The University at Buffalo. This year, I'm the instructor of record for LIN 207 (Language, Society, and the Individual) as well as the lead researcher for the Language and Cognition subproject for Dr. Juergen Bohnemeyer's Causality Across Languages project. Earlier academic positions include working as a Teacher's Assistant at UB, as an undergraduate research assistant at the University of Oregon's Brain Development Lab, and as a student researcher at UO's Northwest Indian Language Institute.

My research interests include the syntax-semantics interface, typology, corpus linguistics, and language evolution. My Qualifying Paper was an experimental study comparing the environments in which optional definiteness marking occurs in Russian and Korean to the location in which definite articles are produced in English. I'm currently writing my dissertation proposal, which will be a combination of typological and corpus-based studies on the production of definite markers viewed through the lens of language evolution.