Olga Wodo

I am an associate professor at University at Buffalo at Materials Design and Innovation Department. My research activities are centered around (i) microstructure informatics for various societally critical areas including renewable energy, and biomaterials; (ii) data driven modeling of manufacturing processes that include additive manufacturing and organic thin-film technologies; and (iii) computational modeling of the morphological phenomena in engineered and natural heterogeneous systems. In my research group, we are defining, developing and applying tools of microstructure informatics. Put simply, microstructure is a spatial distribution of vastly different mediums, and is critical to the performance of many engineering systems, such as organic solar cells, batteries or drug delivery systems. Microstructure informatics provides tools to map and explore the process-structure-property maps in materials science. In my group we are developing methodologies based on the graph-based representation of the microstructure to facilitate understanding of morphology. The ability to understand morphology and to link it with properties of devices (e.g. optical, mechanical, chemical, etc.) has a potential to change how such devices are designed, leading to faster, more economical and more environmentally friendly manufacturing.