Michael J. Morales, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Physiology & Biophysics, and member

of the Center for Research in Cardiovascular Medicine

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Department of Physiology & Biophysics

University at Buffalo-SUNY

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Buffalo, NY  14214

Office Location:  202 Cary Hall (Knock hard!)

Laboratory:  238 Cary Hall


Physiology 405/505 notes and assignments



Disruptions of normal cardiac rhythm are the leading cause of serious illness and premature death in the western world. The key to developing treatments for these conditions lies in understanding the molecular basis of repolarization of the cardiac action potential (Figure at left, adapted from Jongsma, 1998).  Previous work from our group and others has established the importance of the Kv4 potassium channels in generation of the cardiac “transient outward current (Ito)”.  This makes understanding the structure, pharmacology, and modulation of Kv4 channels key to understanding the genesis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

     In recent years, channel biology has become one of the most challenging and rewarding areas in science.  Most of the research I am conducting is multidisciplinary, utilizing biochemistry, molecular biology, electrophysiology, immunology, and computer modeling approaches.  The complexities of these disciplines dictates that most of the Lab’s research is done in collaboration with Drs. Harold Strauss & Randall Rasmusson of the UB Department of Physiology.


Current Research

Recent Publications


S Wang,  Bondarenko,VE, Morales, MJ, Rasmusson, RL, & Strauss, HC (2004).  Activation properties of Kv4.3 channels: time, voltage and [K+]o dependence.  Journal of Physiology (London), In Press.

XY Li, GCL Bett, XJ Jiang, V Bondarenko, MJ Morales, & RL Rasmusson (2002). Regulation of N- and C-type inactivation by pHo and potassium in normal and mutant Kv1.4 channels: evidence for transmembrane communication, American Journal of Physiology.  284: H71-H80

S Wang, S Patel, Y Qu, P Hua, HC Strauss & MJ Morales (2002). Kinetic properties of Kv4.3 and their modulation by KCHIP2b.   Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications. 295 (2002) 223-229.

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Morales, MJ, MV Brahmajothi, DL Campbell & HC Strauss (2001).  Molecular methods for evaluation of K+ channel expression and distribution in the heart.  In Potassium Channels in Cardiovascular Biology.  SL Archer & NJ Rusch, eds. (Dordrecht, the Netherlands:  Kluwer Academic/ Plenum Publishers) pp 103-118.

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