Michelson, Karin, and Mercy Doxtator.  2002.  Oneida-English/English-Oneida Dictionary. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.



"The final version of this dictionary represents what we feel has been a rewarding collaboration between the two authors. Perhaps this is because we share a fascination with Oneida words: the rich and complex way in which they are structured, the ways  in which words are related to each other, the precise meanings that words convey and how the components of complex words contribute to their meaning, and the seemingly endless number of ways of expressing concepts in Oneida."  (from the Preface)










The organization of the (1500 page) dictionary is based on the observation that in Oneida a great many complex words are not "regular" either semantically or formally. Consequently an approach to dictionary - making that assumes roots and affixes are listed as the heads of entries and a (separate) grammatical description can describe their combination would result in a misrepresentation of Oneida just because many of the "rules" for combining morphemes would be irregular and/or unproductive. So instead we chose to give as the heads of entries lexicalized units we called bases, and an extensive cross-referencing system between entries still allows the user to access the composition of bases that are composed of more than one morpheme.


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