University at Buffalo; State University of New York
About the Outdoor Adventure Club
What is the OAC?
The Outdoor Adventure Club is an organization which provides a means to share knowledge and experiences pertaining to the outdoors and associated adventures with interested students. The OAC is open to all students (both undergraduate and graduate) regardless of experience level. Because the club is funded by the UB mandatory student activity fee, reduced trip prices are only applicable to UB undergraduate students.

What We Do
Simply put, we have adventures outside (and sometimes even inside). This can include day hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, white water rafting, snow shoeing, horseback riding, or anything else enough people are interested in. Most trips happen on weekends but we are planning an extended spring break trip and maybe a winter break trip. We also give back to the community in any way possible.

Equipment and Costs
There is no cost to join the club and the club owns some equipment for members to use (tents, backpacks, cooking gear etc)! That being said, the trips themselves vary in cost. The club is usually able to subsidize a portion of the trip costs, but very rarely all. To give an idea of costs, the spring break trip is usually a few hunder dollars, rafting around 50 dollars, backpacking around 15 dollars, and day hikes maybe 5 dollars. Official costs will be told well before each trip.