Using Office 365 Stream at UB

Office 375 Stream automatically adds closed captioning to any video. I have been using Stream to manage my lecture videos for my UBlearns courses. So I thought I would share the steps I use to add closed captioned videos to UBlearns.

  1. Login to using your UBIT Username and password.
  2. At the bottom of the left side navigation, click the All Apps icon: all apps icon
  3. In the page of available applications, click the Stream icon: Stream icon
  4. Then choose "My content": My content selection
  5. Then choose "Videos": videos selection
  6. Browse on your local machine to where your video is stored, then drag your video to the "Drag files here, or browse to upload" text: drop files here
  7. Click on the video file after it is fully uploaded to view the video file.
  8. Click the "options" dropdown: Options selection
  9. Under "Captions", check the "Autogenerate captions" checkbox: Options selection
  10. Once the "processing is complete" clcik: Publish Publish Button
  11. Then choose "My content": My content selection
  12. Then choose "Videos": videos selection