LIS569: Database Management Concepts

Instructor: James R. Gerland, Sr.
Time and Place: UBLearns
US Mail Drop:
534 Baldy Hall
North Campus
Buffalo NY 14260

Jim Gerland Email: (The best way to reach me)
Office Hours: To be arranged
Course Website: UBLearns


Study of microcomputer-based data management techniques and systems, including evaluation of software packages, for the organization, manipulation, and retrieval of information. Examination of relational database techniques such as sorting, searching, indexing, report generation, and data transfer using DBMS command language. Projects include development of a working system. (3 credits)

As a student enrolled in this course you are expected to have the prerequisite technology skills. It is further expected that, if needed, the early requisite skills will be developed individually. These skills are required for completion of course assignments, and are not covered in this course. It is your responsibility to gain proficiency to successfully complete the course objectives and assignments.

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This course addresses the following UB MS in Information and Library Science Program Goals:

  1. Graduates demonstrate theoretical and conceptual understanding of information science, including the creation, representation, organization, retrieval, dissemination, use, and curation of information.
  2. Graduates apply disciplinary knowledge and skills required in diverse information contexts.
  3. Graduates demonstrate professional competences, including leadership, critical and analytical thinking, research, communication, collaboration, reflective practice, and ethical adherence.
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Note: All assignments are due by 11:59 PM on the day they are listed as being due!
Each Online Test is only available for seven (7) days after the Test is listed!

Assignment Due
1 Jan 28 Overview and Introduction 1 Brief Introduction
2 Feb 3 Introduction to Relational Data Model 2 HW1: Query-By-Example
Relational Algebra
Test 1
Brief Introduction Due
3 Feb 10 Relational Algebra 2 Test 2 HW1 Due
"Project Team Members" Due
4 Feb 17 Structured Query Language (SQL) 3 HW2: Structured Query Language (SQL) "Project Proposal" Due
5 Feb 24 Structured Query Language (SQL) 3 Test 3 HW2 Due
6 Mar 3 Data Requirements
Conceptual Data Modeling
Appx F
HW3: Data Modeling for SweetHome
7 Mar 10 Entity Relationship Diagrams 6
Appx F
Test 6 HW3 Due
Mar 18-23 Spring Recess
9 Mar 24 Logical Database Design
Relational Data Model
Normal Forms; Normalization
Appx A
HW4: Logical Database Design and Normalization
Test 5
"Project Data Requirements" Due
10 Mar 31 Physical Database Design
Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Macros
4 HW5: Creating Views, Denormalization, Indexes, Integrity, and Parameter Queries
Test 4
HW4 Due
11 Apr 7 Database Forms & Reports HW6: Creating MS Access Forms and Reports
12 Apr 14 DBMS Functions 7 Test 7 HW5 Due
13 Apr 21 Database Administration 8 Test 8 "Project DB Design" Due
14 Apr 28 Distributed Databases
Web-Database Integration
9 Test 9 "Project DB Implementation" Due
HW6 Due
15 May 5 Object-Oriented Databases
XML Databases
"Project DB Report" Due
May 10 Last Day of classes All Work Due By 11:59 PM tonight
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Students will be graded on:

There are 1,530 total points available. Final grade will be based on 1,530 / 15 (102 possible points).

The final letter grades be based on the following table:

GradeRange GradeRange
A 100 - 95 C+ 79 - 77
A- 94 - 90 C 76 - 74
B+ 89 - 87 C- 73 - 70
B 86 - 84 D 69 - 60
B- 83 - 80 F 59 - 0

NOTE: Blackboard does not correct identify a final grade based on total points for this course. Blackboard only calculates based on what assignments and tests you have submitted. So, while blackboard may show that 830 points earned out of 900 points for assignments and tests you submitted is 92%, this course does not use a percentage. This course uses TOTAL POINTS EARNED, so 830 is 830 points and 55.3% of 100.

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Create Your Web Page

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Book cover Database Management ConceptsConcepts of Database Management
8th Edition
Philip J. Pratt; Mary Z. Last
ISBN-10: 1-285-42710-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-285-42710-2
Cengage Learning

Also available from Amazon and the UB Bookstore North Campus.

Book is strongly recommended.

Book is also available from UB Libraries (Lockwood Library has 2 copies on reserve).

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The primary source of communication for this course will be by UBLearns and via email. Students taking an online course are expected to login at minimum one time per week for course announcements, assignments, etc.

Faculty/Instructor: I can be reached by email with questions or for guidance that are concerned with this course. Questions about specific assignments should be posted in the appropriate Discussion Forum so everyone can benefit from the question and answer. You should expect that I will reply to your message within 1-2 business days.

Students: If you have multiple email accounts, please be sure that you access (or forward) your UB email. Your UB email is the account I will use to send course-related materials.

This course may utilize UBLearns to facilitate online communication between course participants. Please keep in mind the following "Rules of Netiquette" when communicating online.

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Policy Regarding Absences, Attendance, Assignments, Exams, and University Policy on Incompletes in Courses

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