Lab4- American Travel Wish List

This map is simply a depiction of some of the many places I'd like to travel within the Americas. Most of the places I decided upon are wtihin the United States-- this country is so large and diverse, and I've seen so little of it!

Q1. The point located at coordinates ( -73.66, 45.50) is Montreal.

Q2. d3 was directed to place this map into the correct position within my webpage using the internal css line, "var ( "#contents" )". This command refers back to the div class I created within the body that has the attribute value set to "contents". In this way, the div class in the body is styled with the javascript data we need to display the map.

Q3. In order to display the Americas on our map, we chose a rotation of [90,0] because the area of interest for this map, that of the Americas, is about 90 degrees west longitude of where the base map would be centered at the Prime Meridian.

Q4. In order to add underline to the labels of my locations, I would have to alter the CSS within the head of my html document. Under the style element for selector ".place-label", we can simply add another property and value, "text-decoration: underline;". I will not do this, however, since my places are already too cluttered. Instead, I'll add a property for font-size to make my text smaller and seem less cluttered.