Lab 1

Lab description

This map demonstrates flights that pass through Vancouver airport. Flights are distinguished by airline.

It may seem simple to map flight paths-- one simply has to know the orgin city and the destination city, right? It is not as simple, though, as it seems. When one considers the need to translate the movement of flights around a spherical body into paths on a flat map, it is easy to forget that our seemingly omniscient computers lack crtical thinking and common sense. Thank goodness for code, though, allowing us to insert some of our own. Good teamwork, Computer.

Data Source

Lab 1-- Flights through New York JFK

Lab Description

Similar to how flights through Vancouver were mapped, so too did I map flights through New York at JFK. I am from Long Island, so if I fly anywhere, it's mainly from either LaGuardia (LGA) or John F. Kennedy (JFK). Out of the two airports, I was mostly curious about the flights through JFK since it is an international airport. It is incredibly cool to be near to such a global crossroads.

Lab 1, US Drought Map

Lab Description

This additional map displays areas of drought within the United States. Water availability is a huge problem in much of the western United States. This map elucidates where drought is most dire. A particular area of interest is that of Southern California. Where drought is the most extreme, shown in red, there is a huge populatuion of people living in a large, global city. It will be interesting to see how this city deals with their water issues as populations continue to rise and climate continues to warm.