Introduction To Java - MFC 158 G

 Fall 2000



Week 9 Assignment 

Chapters 8 and 9  November 8, 2000


Due next week: Tuesday: November 14 – midnight (late assignments lose points as defined in the syllabus)


1.       In your particular working environment, go through the procedure to create a package using the code from Fig 8.3.  (nothing to hand in for this part)


For Solaris:  refer to the link off the course web page “Useful resources” – “Important Java Links”  and select packages.htm for details.


For Windows: you can refer text on Pg 336-340.


2.       Answer questions on Pg 451-452  (9.16, 9.17, 9.19, 9.22) – (Send answers either via email or hard copy)


3.       Read Chapter 10 Strings and Characters