Introduction To Java - MFC 158 G

 Fall 2000



Week 7 Assignment 

Chapters 6 and 7  October 17, 2000

Due November 1, 2000



1.       Exercise 6.31 (page 263)

2.       Exercise 7.18 (page 308)

3.       Read Chapter 8

4.       Read Chapter 9


Important Notes regarding Exercise 6.31:

The description of how to solve exercise 6.31 is not consistent with the

examples in the book.  They request the following:


- use of a status bar (for the multiplication question)

- use a 'drawstring' to display message "very good" ,etc.

- all drawing should be performed by the paint method.


Based on the difficulties in solving the problem this way, and since the

examples in the book don't use this approach, you are free to use an

approach similar to the FibonacciTest example (Fig 6.13) as a base.  You

might want to use 3 JTextFields for our problem:

        - one for the question

        - one for the user's answer

        - one for the comment (you are right, etc.)


Also, by looking Fig 6.13, you will notice that there is no use of a paint

method.  You may write the program without a paint method if you choose.


If you have any questions, please let me know.


*** Avoid losing points on all future projects ***

Please follow these instructions…


1.       Programs that don't compile will lose as much as 50% of the score when grading

2.       If you write an applet, you must supply the HTML or you will lose 10% of the score (that IS part of what makes up your running program)

3.       Make sure that attachment file names are the same as the class name (including case) when submitting.

4.       Please submit all portions of your programs in a single email.  If resubmitting, just include all the pieces again and note on the subject line something like “MFC158 – resubmit assignment2”.

5.       If code from the book is part of your work, site that fact in the source code.

6.       Don't wait until 2 days before a project is due to get help!!!!