What would you like to gain from this course?
Java applet design and how to make them work with html
Basic program knowledge of Java and go onto CS w/o being lost
Basic understanding of Java
program applications in Java.
be able to use Unix
Be able to write Java and understand java
Learn how to write Java apps/applets.
How to debug programs
How to use Java classes
Overview of Java
Gain comprehensive knowledge of Java Language
Network and multi-thread programming
Introductory level of Java
Good understanding of Java
Anything related to databases
More knowledge about Java in general - understand it better
Learn the fundamentals of Java
Basic understanding of Java and it's applications
Understanding of concepts
If asked to write a program; not be afraid to try!
Wide overview of Java
Would like to be able to write Java code
Learn how to make Java applets, learn the Java language
Improve my webpage
Ability to maintain my companies web pages
What type of applications would you be interested in developing using Java?
multimedia, business and games
Multimedia and games
multimedia and business
game development
multimedia, web development apps
business or scientific
network Java applications
mostly research (scientific)
Use for extension to other applications
Which OS would you prefer for development in Java?
  Windows 95/98/NT 16
  Solaris Unix 1
  Either / or Both 0