Interesting Web Sites

        MFC 158 - Introduction To Java – Fall 2000


If you find a URL that would be helpful for the class, please let me know and I’ll add it to this list. 




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a lot of information on Website technology including scripts / sample code and images.

Don Holdaway


An interesting applet that creates a spirograph images.

Jeff Fineberg

Contains a downloadable electronic book by Bruce Eckel entitled “Thinking in Java” – among other texts

Joe Yixin


I've listed several urls here that may help some of the students and/or give them some added information regarding Java and what you can do with it after you become proficient.  You may also find them beneficial for yourself if you haven't become certified yet.                                             

Leslie Jacobs



Contains a lot of information for HTML, including tutorials and sample code.

Mark Sparling





Here is a comprehensive link to a site that might have available all one

could ever want to know about Java.  It is a page of links to applets,

examples, tutorials, API interface "stuff", and a whole lot more.  It takes

some time to dig to what you want, but it probably is there. 

Don Holdaway


One more link to an online tutorial, that's easier to get to. 

Don Holdaway


I found this link…

that explains objects, classes, etc well as they pertain to programming.

Ellen Biederman


A site where you can test your Java knowledge, and learn more about Java

Mark Sparling


This site contains hundreds of applets – many of them with source code.  Includes some games also.

Brian Fineberg


A site where you can purchase various applets

Brian Fineberg