Introduction To Java - MFC 158 G

 Fall 2000


Week 10 Assignment 

Final Project Assignment  November 14, 2000


Due Saturday, December 9 at Midnight: (late assignments not accepted)


*** There are 2 projects to select from, although both involve the creation of a “Homework Assignments Tracking Application”.  The main differences are the method of data storage

        JDBC using either Microsoft Access or Oracle

        Sequential file access without the use of a DBMS (Database Management System).


Here are some considerations that you may use for deciding which project to choose:

-         if you have Microsoft Access at home, you can easily implement the JDBC project. 

-         If you don’t have Access, you can either get a student copy from either UB Micro or the library to install on your home system.  All students at UB are entitled to this software.

-         You can still develop the project in a lab at UB without MS Access, but instead using Oracle.

-         If you decide to not do any of the above, you can create the HATA system using Sequential file access.


Please let me know as soon as possible what project you will be implementing.


 Sequential File Version                                   JDBC Version


In either case, it is HIGHLY recommended that you do the following this week, in preparation of the project:


-         decide if you will be implementing the JDBC or the Sequential File project

-         Read over the particular chapter corresponding to the method you choose (Chapter 17 – for Sequential files, Chapter 18 for JDBC)

-         If applicable, set up your database access (either using Microsoft Access or Oracle on Unix)

-         Run the example code that corresponds to your project

-          Begin the process of modifying the code to meet the specifications.



The assignment is not extremely complex HOWEVER there is a lot of code analysis and implementation that needs to take place.  So start early!


If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.