Haly Abbas

982-994 AD

Haly Abbas (also known as Ali ibn Abbas al-Majusi, and Masoudi) was a Persian physician most famous for his 980 AD book called Complete book of the medical art, later called the Complete art of medicine. The book contained 20 essays. The first ten dealt with theory and the second ten with the practice of medicine. Some examples of topics covered in the text were dietetics and medicines, rudimentary conception of the capillary system, and clinical observations. The book contains the first discussions of sleeping sickness, memory loss, hypochondriasis, coma, hot and cold meningitis, vertigo epilepsy, love sickness, and hemiplegia.

Haly Abbas emphasized prevention or treatment of disease through diet and natural healing more than he than did medication or drugs. He also emphasized the need for a healthy relationship between doctors and patients, the importance of good medical ethics, and good scientific methods.

Writings about Haly Abbas

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