Madorah Elizabeth Smith


Madorah Smith's was researcher in the field of child development and bilingualism. She received her doctorate from Iowa Child Welfare Station at the University of Iowa in 1925. Her dissertation, published in 1926, reported on a method of analyzing free speech utterances. She took a position at the University of Hawaii and continued to research the speech and language of children (Smith 1939). She studied preschool children in Hawai'i from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, comparing them with the norms she had collected in her dissertation study. She concluded the simultaneous use of two languages contributed to a lag in speech development. Her studies, cited widely, were later found to be methodologically flawed. She paired poor immigrant children with middle-class native-born Americans. Nor did she distinguish between fluent bilinguals and limited bilinguals whose command of one language or the other was poor.

Madorah Smith was born in Shanghai, China in 1884. Her parents were missionaries. Madorah was granted a scholarship in 1902 at Fargo College, a Congregational school located in Fargo, North Dakota. Beginning in 1907, she taught in rural schools in Iowa and Minnesota. She then went to China under the auspices of the Methodist Missionary Board. She taught there from 1913 to 1917.

She received her MA from Iowa State University and graduated from there in 1918. She taught in Colorado for the next three years, then returned to Iowa State for her Ph.D. work, graduating in 1925.

After teaching in Iowa City for two years following her Ph.D. work, she accepted a position at the Normal School in Honolulu and continued with that position when the school became a University. She remained there, teaching Psychology and Education courses and conducting research in bilingualism, retiring in1943.

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