May Kirk Scripture


May Kirk Scripture was one of the founding members of the profession in the US. She was a prolific writer, addressing many types of clinical speech disorders, including cleft palate, stuttering, and voice.

May Kirk Scripture was born in Nova Scotia in 1864. She was educated in New York City and attended Hunter College. She studied vocal music in Berlin, where she met and married Edward Wheeler Scripture, in 1890. Over the next years she became a distinguished singer, a mother of three children, and wrote articles on the teaching of reading and writing. Her primer, written for children, became a standard first reader in many parts of the United States (1899).

The Scripture family returned to the United States in 1890, and shortly thereafter May began teaching speech correction at Teachers College, Columbia University. She later separated from her husband, but continued to work with him at Vanderbilt Clinic at the Columbia Medical Center where he had established a speech clinic. Mrs. Scripture continued her speech therapy practices as a private practitioner and in the Vanderbilt clinic in NYC for a time, and then taught speech correction at the State University of Iowa, where she became connected to the Iowa Child Welfare Research Station.

In 1938, May Kirk Scripture retired to Santa Monica, California. She died there in 1945.

Laryngoscope, a journal where May Kirk Scripture published a number of articles in 1918, describes her affiliation thusly:

Instructor in Speech and Director of Speech Correction, Neurological Department, College of Physicians and surgeons, Columbia University and Assistant on the Medical Staff of New York City Children's Hospitals and Schools, Randall's Island.

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