James Burton Pond


J. B. Pond was one of the organizers of a lyceum speaker series. The June 22, 1903 obituary of J. B. Pond describes his lyceum activities thusly:

Major Pond was lecture manager for Henry Ward Beecher for eleven years, and he leaves a complete collection of lectures and correspondence of the famous preacher. His first star was Ann Elizabeth Young, one of the great Mormon prophet's wives, who lectured throughout the country, exposing the Latter Day Saints. He was also manager for Mark Twain, Wendell Phillips, Canon Farrar, Ralph Waldo Emerson, T. DeWitt Talmage, Martin Farquhar Tupper, Clara Louise Kellogg, Annie Louise Cary, John B. Gough, and, in fact, almost all the leading American speakers and the Europeans who visited America professionally, and many singers.