Walter K. Fobes

Walter Fobes was an elocutionist who gave private lessons to people for "cultivation of the human voice" and to those who had speech problems of voice or stammering. He advertised himself in Werner's magazine as being a Graduate of Boston University School of Oratory and author of Elocution Simplified.

His place of business was at 149 A. Tremont St, Boston, MA. In Fobes's words his practice included:

  1. elocution
  2. cultivation of the speaking voice strengthen the weakest voice remove huskiness, shrillness and other unpleasant qualities
  3. stammering, hesitancy, stuttering and other defects of speech simple natural method and in use, when required Bell's Visible speech

In a Letter to the editor from Professor Lewis B. Monroe in the journal The Voice, (vol 3, #6 p. 94) Monroe complains that Fobes taught no method for the cure of stuttering.