Joseph Collins, M.D.

Professor of diseases of the mind and nervous system in the New York Post-Graduate Medical School

Neurologist to the New York City Hospital

Neurologist to the St. John's Guild Free Hospital for Children

Attending physician to the St. Marks Hospital


Collins, Joseph (1898) The Genesis and dissolution of the faculty of speech: A clinical and psychological study of aphasia. London: Macmillan & Co. Ltd.


To my teacher Charles L. Dana, MD.


To my friend Lightner Witmer, Ph.D.

To whom I owe my intellectual awakement this labor of a year's leisure

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Disorders of intellectual expression, known as aphasia

Chapter 2. History

Chapter 3. An analysis of the genesis and function of speech

Chapter 4. Conception of aphasia

Chapter 5. Motor aphasia

Chapter 6. Sensory aphasia

Chapter 6 (continued: Subcortical sensory aphasia

Chapter 7. Total aphasia

Chapter 8. Diagnosis of aphasia

Chapter 9. Etiology

Chapter 10. Morbid anatomy of aphasia

Chapter 11. Remarks on the treatment of aphasia

Chapter 12. Remarks on the medico-legal aspects of aphasia

Appendix 1. Conduction aphasia

Appendix 2. A case of articulatory-kinaesthetic aphasia