Charter members of ASHA, 1926

(Adapted from Paden, 1970, p. 12-13; and Malone, 1999, p. 9).

  1. Margaret Gray Blanton was a lecturer at the University of Tulane and the University of Wisconsin in the field of speech correction. She authored her masters’ thesis on infant development (1917), a book on stuttering (1925) and a book on speech training for children with Smiley Blanton (1919).
  2. Smiley Blanton was a psychiatrist and the Director of University of Wisconsin Speech and Mental Hygiene Clinic and a child guidance clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He published articles and books on various aspects of speech correction, including stuttering and voice and speech problems of preschool children.
  3. Richard C. Borden was the Director of the Speech Clinic at New York University
  4. Frederick W. Brown was a Professor in the Department of Spoken English at Smith College
  5. Mary A Brownell was a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin. Robert West was her advisor.
  6. Alvin Busse was a Professor of Speech at New York University
  7. Pauline Camp was the Director of Wisconsin State Program in Speech Correction.
  8. Jane Dorsey was a Professor in the Department of Spoken English at Smith College
  9. Eudora P. Estabrook was the Director of the Speech Correction Department in the Grand Rapids, Michigan public schools.
  10. Sina V. Fladeland Waterhouse was a speech correctionist, at Perkins Institute for the Blind in Watertown, Massachusetts.
  11. Mabel F. Gifford, was a speech clinician in the Department of Pediatrics at the California Medical School Speech Clinic and the Director of State Public School Program, California.
  12. Max Goldstein was an otolaryngologist who studied the auditory training methods of the deaf with Victor Urbantschisch in Vienna Austria. He founded Central Institute for the Deaf in St Louis Missouri in 1914.
  13. Ruth Green, was the Program Director of the Minneapolis Public Schools Speech Program.
  14. Laura Heilman, was a public school speech correctionist in California.
  15. Elmer L. Kenyon was an otolaryngologist who studied with H. Gutzmann in Germany. He established a speech and hearing clinic at Rush Medical College in Chicago in 1910.
  16. Mabel V. Lacy was the principal of the School for Deaf in Hawaii
  17. Elizabeth McDowell was a Professor of Speech at Columbia University
  18. Thyrza Nichols was a teacher of English in Baldwin School, a private school for girls from K through 12, in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.
  19. Samuel D. Robbins was the director of Boston Stammerer's Institute. He was also a researcher affiliated with Harvard University, who had published a well cited study of the plethysmographic study of shock and stammering.
  20. Sara M. Stinchfield. Was the first Ph.D. to graduate with a major in Speech Pathology. She was an Associate Professor at Mt Holyoke College and was director of its speech clinic.
  21. Jane Bliss Taylor was a Professor of Speech Hunter College
  22. Charles K. Thomas had a Ph.D. in Phonetics with a specialty in American dialects. He taught at Cornell University.
  23. Lee Edward Travis was a faculty member at University of Iowa. He established a major there in speech correction.
  24. Lavilla Ward followed Pauline Camp as the Director of the State of Wisconsin ’s Public Schools Program.
  25. Robert West received his Ph.D. in speech pathology from the University of Wisconsin, under the direction of Smiley Blanton. West was the Director of Speech Pathology Program at the University of Wisconsin.