Myfanwy Elisabeth Evans Chapman


Myfanwy Chapman was the chair and program coordinator for the Minneapolis Public School's Speech Department, after having served for many years as a speech pathologist in the special education department of the Minneapolis Schools (1926-1957).

She received her BS Degree in 1937 and MS in 1945, both from the University of Minnesota. She spent summers from 1937 to 1951 as supervisor of the speech pathology clinic and the clinic for stutterers at the University of Minnesota.

Chapman was president of the Council for Exceptional Children and served on ASHA's Executive Council. In 1957 she was president of the Minnesota Gymanfa Ganu, a Welsh musical festival.

She is perhaps best known for her guide to stutterers written with Bryng Bryngelson called Know Yourself (Chapman, 1942)

Myfanwy was married to Kirt M. Chapman.

Writings of Myfanwy Chapman arranged chronologically

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Writings about Myfanwy Chapman

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