Pauline Camp

Pauline Camp was the director of the public school program in speech corrective speech in Grand Rapids Michigan and supervisor of an oral school for the deaf there (1917). She later became director of the Wisconsin State Program in Speech Correction. She also worked on the White House Conference Report (1931) The handicapped child and Chaired an ASHA committee on charter membership (with Robert West).

Camp was one of the 25 charter members of ASHA and attended that famous meeting in the home of Lee Edward Travis when the group decided to break away from rhetoricians in the National Association of Teachers of Speech and form their own organization. In recognition of her contributions to ASHA, she received the award of honorary life fellow (Malone, 1999, p. 79).

Charles Van Riper described the contribution to ASHA of women working in public schools such as Pauline Camp as follows (ASHA, June-July 1989, p. 72-73)

Fortunately, among them we also had some founding mothers -- Mabel Gifford, Pauline Camp, Eudora Estabrook, Sara Stinchfield -- speech teachers who were already offering remedial services in the schools. These women, together with some of us who stuttered (C.S. Bluemel, Sam Robbins, Wendell Johnson, and I) and who had been victimized by the quacks of the day, insisted that treatment should also be emphasized. So in 1934 we became the American Speech Correction Association. This shift in purpose was strongly opposed. Indeed, when I listen to the voices of the past, all I hear are arguments.

Writings of Pauline Camp, arranged chronologically

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