Heinrich Neumann


Dr. Heinrich Neumann was an otologist. He studied medicine in Budapest, and completed his studies in medicine in Vienna in 1898. Following his graduation he studied otology with Adam Politzer at the University of Vienna. He was appointed to the faculty of the University of Vienna in 1918, heading the university clinic that was established by Viktor Urbantschitsch. The Neumann clinic was later converted into a speech and hearing clinic by Emil Froeschels.

In 1938 he Neumann transmitted an offer made by the German government to sell the Austrian Jews at a price of $250 per capita to any foreign country that would accept them and pay. The Conference delegates' refused to accept the deal.

The Nazi Party doctors asked Neumann to take Adolf Hitler on as a patient for a laryngeal problem. Neumann refused. Later he was imprisoned by the Nazi’s, but then released.

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