Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus

10 BC–54 AD

Claudius was the fourth Roman Emperor who ruled from 41 AD until his death in 54 AD.

Claudius he is said to have had a pronounced limp, weakness in his hands and knees, and a stammer from childhood. Some scholars today consider him to have had cerebral palsy. His mother and grandmother referred to him as 'half-formed' and 'a fool.' He was the teased as a boy and his family hid him from public view, expecting little of him. Claudius took advantage of his isolation and educated himself.

Despite his lack of political experience, Claudius proved to be an able ruler. During his reign he expanded his empire. He issued many edicts, ranging from the promotion of cures for various diseases and the treatment of slaves. He ruled, for example that slaves who recovered after having given up to die, would be freed. Claudius also created many public works such as aqueduct for carrying water through Rome, a new port, and the draining of a lake.