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Situating language assessment: Influences form the past, directions for the future

Guest Editor: Judith Felson Duchan

Seminars in Speech and Language, Vol 21, Issue 3, 2000


Table of Contents

Nan Bernstein Ratner
Judith Felson Duchan

All children are ready to learn: An emergent versus readiness perspective in early literacy assessment
Karen A. Erickson

  Assessing socially situated participation: A way of integrating communication and social assessment approaches
Judith Felson Duchan
  Dynamic assessment: An approach to assessing children's language-learning potential
Vera F. Gutierrez Clellen
  Culturally sensitive assessment of narrative skills in children
Pamela Rosenthal Rollins, Alyssa McCabe, and Lynn Bliss
  Assessing children's vocabulary skills: From word knowledge to word-learning potential
Ruth V. Watkins and Laura S. DeThorne

"Putting things in context": Literal and discourse approaches to comprehension assessment
Rhea Paul

  Assessing communicative intents: A situated pragmatics approach
Lynne E. Hewitt
  Assessment of language structure: From syntax to event-based analysis
Nancy J. Lund

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