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Aphasia Inside Out
Reflections on Communication Disability

Susie Parr
Judy Duchan
Carole Pound

Berkshire, England
Open University Press


Table of Contents

1 Setting the scene
Susie Parr, Judy Duchan and Carole Pound
2 Still life of a chameleon: Aphasia and its impact on identity
Jasvinder Khosa
3 Talking to ourselves: Dialogues in and out of language
Maria Black and Chris Ireland
4 A time of transition: A matter of confidence and control
Sue Boazman
5 Aphasia centres and community: More than just a sum of parts
Aura Kagan
6 From doing to being: From participation to engagement
Alan Hewitt and Sally Byng
7 Do I have green hair? ‘Conversations’ in aphasia therapy
Leanne Togher
8 Doing less, being more
Harry Clarke
9 Changing places: Reflections of therapists and group members on the power and     potential of group
Tom Penman and Turid de Mare
10 The Internet and aphasia: Crossing the digital divide
Roberta J. Elman, Susie Parr and Becky Moss
11 Directions without words
Monica Clarke with John Clarke
12 Time please! Temporal barriers in aphasia
Susie Parr, Devin Patterson, and Carole Pound
13 Cebrelating aphasia poetry power
Chris Ireland and Carole Pound