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Deixis in Narrative: A Cognitive Science Perspective

Judith F. Duchan
Gail A. Bruder
Lynne E. Hewitt (Eds.)

Hillsdale, NJ:
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates


Table of Contents


Prologue: A simple exercise in narrataive understanding
Judith F. Duchan, Gail A. Bruder, and Lynne E. Hewitt

Part I Deictic Theory
1 Narratiave comprehension and the role of deictic shift theory
Erwin M. Segal
2 Deictic shift theory and the poetics of involvement in narrative
Mary Galbraith
3 A cognitive-phenomenological theory of fictional narratives
Erwin M. Segal
4 An introduction to a computational reader of narratives
Stuart C. Shapiro and William J. Rapaport
5 Cognition and fiction
William J. Rapaport and Stuart C. Shapiro
6 The deictic center: A theory of deixis in narrative
David A. Zubin and Lynne E. Hewitt

Part II Deictic Tracking in Narrative

7 Time in narrataives
Michael J. Almeida

Computational representation of space
Albert Hanyong Yuhan and Stuart C. Shapiro

9 Preschool children's introduction of characters into their oral stories: Evidence for deictic organization of first narratives
Judith Felson Duchan
10 Psychological evidence that linguistic devices are used by readers to undersatnd spatial deixis in narrataive text
Gail A. Bruder
Part III Subjectivity in Narrative
11 References in narrative text
Janyce M. Wiebe
12 Discourse continuity and perspective taking
Naicong Li and David A. Zubin
13 Experiential versus agentive constructions in Korean narrative
Soon Ae Chun and David A. Zubin
14 Anaphor in subjective contexts in narrative fiction
Lynne E. Hewitt
15 Recognizing subjectivity and identifying subjective characters in third-person fictional narrative
Gail A. Bruder and Nanyce M. Wiebe
Part IV Extensions of Deictic Theory
16 Expanding the traditional category of deictic elements: Interjections as deictics
David P. Wilkins
17 Wayfinding directions as discourse: Verbal directions in English and Spanish
David M. Mark and Michael D. Gould
18 Deixis in persuasive texts written by bilinguals of different degrees of expertise
Carol Hosenfeld, Judith F. Duchan and Jeffery Higginbotham
19 Narrative structure in a cognitive framework
Leonard Talmy
20 A structural analysis of a fictional narrative: "A free night," by Anne Maury Costello
Anne M. Costello, Gail A. Bruder, Carol Hosenfeld and Judith F. Duchan

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