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Constructing (In)Competence:
Disabling evaluations in clinical and social interaction

Dana Kovarsky
Judith Duchan
Madeline Maxwell (Eds.)

Hillsdale, NJ
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates


Table of Contents

Part I Introduction
1 Evaluating competence in the course of everyday interaction
Judith Duchan, Madeline Maxwell, and Dana Kovarsky
Part II Hidden Factors Influencing Judgments of Competence
2 "I used to be good with kids." Encounters between speech-language pathology students and children with pervasive developmental disorders (PDD)
Robert Stillman, Ramona Snow, and Kirsten Warren

Slipping through the timestream: Social issues of time and timing in augmented interactions
D. Jeffery Higginbotham and David P. Wilkins

4 How opposing perceptions of communication competence were constructed by Taiwanese graduate students
Carol Jorgenson Winkler
5 The social competence of children diagnosed with specific language impairment
Terry Irvine Saenz, Kelly Giligan Black, and Laura Pellegrini
6 Deaf members and nonmembers: The creation of culture through communication practices
Madeline Maxwell, Diana Poeppelmeyer, and Laura Polich
7 Spiralling connections: The practice of repair in Bektashi muslim discourse
Frances Trix

Part III Diagnosis as Situated Practice

8 Good reasons for bad testing performance: The interactional substrate of educational testing
Douglas W. Maynard and Courtney L. Marlaire
9 An Afro-centered view of communicative competence
Toya Wyatt
10 Reports written by speech-language pathologists: The role of agenda in constructing client competence
Judith Felson Duchan
11 Revelations of family perceptions of diagnosis and disorder through metaphor
Ann M. Mastergeorge
12 The social work of diagnosis" Evidence for judgments of competence and incompetence
Ellen L. Barton
Part IV Intervention as Situated Practice
13 The construction of incompetence during group therapy with traumatically brain injured adults
Dana Kovarsky, Michael Kimbarow, and Deborah Kastner
14 Social role negotiation in aphasia therapy: Competence, incompetence, and conflict
Nina Simmons-Mackie and Jack S. Damico
15 The social construction of language incompetence and social identity in psychotherapy
Kathleen Ferrara

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