Whole Language Approaches

Gillam describes how shifting to a whole language approach to intervention required him to look at his clinical practices differently (Gillam, 1995, p. 220)

  1. I stopped looking only for disabilities and started looking more closely for abilities.
  2. I became less interested in subskill testing and teaching and more interested in real communication.
  3. I stopped writing specific behavioral objectives and started writing broad learning goals.
  4. My language intervention became less of a direct instruction process and more of an opportunity for discovery.
  5. I trusted that children with special language and learning needs could become learners…
  6. I trusted myself to put students ahead of lesson plans and mastery criteria.
  7. I believed I could make a difference by mediating between context, meaning, and form as they operated freely in a variety of communication systems (reading, writing, art, drama, etc.).

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