Story Grammar, ala Stein & Glenn (1979)

Setting: introduction of main characters, as well as the time and place for the story action. (Once upon a time there were three bears, the momma bear, the papa bear and the baby bear. They all lived in a tiny house in a great big forest.)

Initiating Event: An action or happening that sets up a problem or dilemma for the story. (One day a little girl named Goldilocks came by.)

Internal Response: The protagonist's reactions to the initiating event. (She was surprised to see the house and noticed it was empty.)

Attempt: An action or plan of the protagonist to solve the problem (She went inside to find the three bears and ate the baby bear's soup, broke the baby bear's chair, and fell asleep in the baby bear's bed.)

Consequence: The result of the protagonist's actions. The bears return to find things eaten and broken and to find Goldilocks in the baby's bed.

Reaction: A response by the protagonist to the consequence. (Goldilocks ran away.)