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Rob Stall MD
November, 2004

Dr. Stall's WD Story

 (4 minutes)

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Audio (from 1989)

Video of Dr. Stall 8-14-1989
(first dose of penicillamine - 2 min)
Video of Dr. Stall 8-29-1989
(videotape by Dr. Munschauer - 2 min)
Video of Dr. Stall 9-5-1989
(description of symptoms & diagnosis - 43 min)

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History of Wilson's Disease
(from whonamedit.com)

About Dr. Samuel A. K. Wilson

2005 WDA Conference

Dr. Stall's left eye with K-F Ring (8/1989)


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Copper Content of Food (from USDA 8-19-05)

A Practice Guideline on Wilson Disease (Schilsky & Roberts)

Association with Chromosome 13
(Google search - multiple links)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) About Wilson's Disease

Copper In Human Health | Foods High In Copper

Dr. Stall's Wilson's Disease Web Links
Note:  not all treatment information is current
See the Wilson's Disease Association web site for up-to-date treatment recommendations

GALZIN (Zinc acetate) - for maintenance or treatment of presymptomatic patients
Galzin (Gate Pharmaceuticals web site)
Galzin (Wilson's Disease Association International web site)
Zinc Availability World-Wide

Liver Transplant Guide

NIH - Wilson's Disease

Patient Histories

Penicillamine (Cuprimine) (from the PDR)
(including Contraindications, Warnings and Adverse Reactions)

Trientine Availability (Merck Patient Assistance Program)

USDA Copper Content of Foods (ranked by highest to lowest copper content) - .pdf file

Wilson's Disease
A Clinician's Guide to Recognition, Diagnosis, and Management

(Book by Dr. George Brewer)

Wilson's Disease for the Patient and Family
A Patient's Guide to Wilson's Disease and Frequently Asked Questions About Copper

(Book by Dr. George Brewer)

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The listserver for people interested in the diagnosis & treatment of Wilson's Disease.

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National Organization of Rare Diseases
WDA of Brazil
WDA of Denmark
WDA of France
WDA of Germany
WDA of Romania
WDA of Sweden
WDA of United Kingdom
WDA of USA (WDA International)

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Ms. Dalia Mikha
Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Dr. Robert Stall
Williamsville, NY
Mr. Tom (Billy) Walters
Doncaster, UK

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CURRENT ENROLLING PATIENTS Dr. Ferenci's Study of Wilson's Disease Subtypes
Newly Diagnosed Wilson's Disease Patients Clinical Trial
(current research study comparing tetrathiomolybdate to trientine)
For more information, contact the principle investigators, Dr. George Brewer or Dr. Michael Schilsky (see below)
PREVIOUS STUDIES Protocol 310--Treatment of Wilson's Disease With Zinc
Protocol 801--Initial Therapy of Wilson's Disease with Ammonium Tetrathiomolybdate (TM)

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George Brewer, MD
University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, MI
E-Mail | Web Profile

Michael L. Schilsky, MD
Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York City, NY
E-Mail | Web Profile

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