Written by David L. Gilles-Thomas, Ph.D., 1989

:: Information herein is old, but you may find some of it still relevant today ::

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1. Definitions of Abnormality

2. Classification

3. Fundamental Philosophical 

4. Anxiety Disorders:

5. Mood Disorders:

6. Schizophrenia:

7. Models of Psychopathology

8. Personality Disorders:

9.  Physical Illness

10. Psychoactive Substance Use

11. Sexual Disorders

12. Childhood Psychopathology:

13. Deinstitutionalization

14. Mental Illness and Mouse Traps

15. References

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Based on a qualifying exam paper
written by David L. Gilles-Thomas, Ph.D., in 1989.
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Qualifying Exam Committee:
Howard Berenbaum, Ph.D.
Carol Diener, Ph.D.
Greg Miller, Ph.D.
(Clinical Psychology, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana)

Special Thanks to:
Karen Clark, Charlotte Clarke, William Gehring, Julie Genz, Anne Gilles-Thomas, Ginger Glawe,
Meredy Goldberg, Cobie Hendler, Mindy Mechanic, Brian Neville, and Reliford Sanders.

(c) 1989, David L. Gilles-Thomas