2023 Western New York Satellite Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

🔍 What?

A regional meetup to make the Cognitive Science Society conference accessible to local audiences in Western New York, the Finger Lakes, and Southern Ontario. The main Cognitive Science Society conference is being held July 27-29 in Australia.

Our vision is to build community among the scientists in our region. Meetup attendees will have the opportunity for small group discussion, networking, and socializing, as well as being able to present and view talks from the CogSci conference.

To promote access, the location of the CogSci conference rotates around the world. We believe that regional meetups are an important complement to the main conference, and an important tool to promote equity in our field. We aim to help build scientific networks even when attending the main conference is prohibitive, due to greenhouse gas emissions from long-distance flights, financial constraints, caregiving demands, politics, and general scheduling challenges.

We hope you can join us for a fun and engaging two days in Buffalo, NY!


Friday July 28 — Saturday July 29, 2023

🧭 Where?

Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Brain Museum, Room 1110 University at Buffalo 955 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14203

Meetup Registration

To help us estimate attendance numbers, please register for the meetup here. There is no registration fee.

If you attend the meetup, we encourage you to register for the virtual conference via the Cognitive Science Society webpage - this will give you access to the full set of recordings and content associated with the conference. https://cognitivesciencesociety.org/registration/

👥 Organizer Contact Information

⚖️ Schedule

Due to the time difference between Australia and New York, we will mostly watch recordings of talks (morning in Australia is evening of the previous day in New York). The exception is Barbara Spellman’s talk, which we will watch live.

Attendees who have talks/posters accepted at CogSci will have the option to present their work to the meetup.

We will select talk sessions based on the interests of attendees.

Friday July 28, 2023

9:30 AMCoffeeJacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (JSMBS)
10:00 AMIntroductions: meet your fellow attendees
10:30 AMNick Chater (pre-recorded)
11:30 AMInformal discussion
12:00 PM - 1:30 PMLunchTBD - RSVP
1:30 PMTalia Konkle (pre-recorded)
2:30 PMInformal discussion
3:00-5:00 PMTalk sessions/free choice
5:00-7:00 PMBreak
7:00-Barbara Spellman Keynote (Live)Catered dinner

Saturday July 29, 2023

9:30 AMCoffeeJacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (JSMBS)
10:00 AMIntroductions: meet your fellow attendees
10:30 AMMateja Jamnik (pre-recorded)
11:30 AMInformal discussion
12:00-1:30 PMLunchTBD - RSVP
1:30-3:30 PMTalk sessions/free choice
3:30-4:00 PMBreak
4:00-5:00 PMTalk sessions/free choice
7:00-DinnerTBD - RSVP

Transit Tips for Getting to Buffalo and the Jacobs School:

One of our goals as coordinators of a regional satellite is to reduce the impacts of fossil fuels on conference travel. We highly recommend taking advantage of numerous public and private transit options and carpooling where necessary. Parking is very limited in Downtown Buffalo and especially in the Allentown neighborhood where the Jacobs School is located.