So, just wanted to post, because I just created a couple of new streaming stations, for myself, mainly, but free for others to listen to as well:

So, it started with replicating a 78s project that used to be ran by ajroach42, but he had to take it down, for whatever reasons.

But, its back, sorta, a smaller set for now; but I added a Roaring 20’s stream, just for music from the 1920s. Interested that in the 2020s, there’s people looking for that music haha

So, the current setup is icecast2 running on the same box as three ices2 sources, from a couple of playlists that were generated just on a directory listing. Icecast is the main part of this, but ices2 is used as the stream source for icecast. All of that is sitting in my house, using wireguard to vpn to a bastion host that runs nginx.

A neat thing with nginx, is I also have a stream that would get me a DMCA takedown. I only allow the safe streams in via nginx, the rest just 301 back to my main site, which is nice. I’ll be going more in depth about that kind of setup in a later post.

Well, regardless, enjoy :)