So, UB has been on a bit of a hiring spree as of late, with two factors being the largest. One is the pandemic being over with. The other is we seem to have hit a retirement cycle.

Both are great, although I’d debate if the pandemic is over or not, but that’s a topic for a different discussion. But the retirement thing I think should be seen as a good thing! Being able to retire from you job, with a choice of a 401k-style plan, or a pension plan are great options for workers. And for IT workers, the latter is almost impossible to find!

Retirement allows for people to actually enjoy life, instead of working until the day they die. I know, for a younger worker such as myself (Although, that could be arguable), it seems like we can keep going forever. But the reality is that health will catch up to us, and frankly, we’re not born to labor our entire lives.

But, another good reason is the injection of “new blood”, and with that comes new ideas, new experiences, and new technologies that we’re comfortable with. Makes for a more dynamic environment, including people who are used to working on distributed teams, and mutlivarate systems, which can, and are often challenging, and very interesting to work on!

So, I’ve got word that we have some new faces coming aboard soon, and some of those new faces are faces I know, and recommended to them that they should apply! I feel like 2023 will be an exciting year at UB, with some cool stuff coming down the pike.